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Azawi – Sankofa Intro Lyrics

Synchronized lyrics for Sankofa Intro by Azawi

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Sankofa Intro



Kikulu nyo
Buli sekinoomu
Okumanya gyenvudde we
Kuba kizulidwa nti
Okusomoka bulungi ebiseera byo eby’omumaaso
Olina okudako emabega nokumikiriza
Osobole okutegera bulungi


How can I know where am going,
if I don’t know where I came from?
How do I get to the market,
if I can’t remember which house I left from?
How can I journey into the future
when the past is not clear?
When you’re lost, they tell you to retrace your steps
Find your way back there
And to be honest, we are lost
Help us, we are lost
Who are we?
Aren’t our ancestors kings and queens of old?
Now tell me.
Aren’t we the ones from the continent blessed with more than gold?
How do we find our selves?
Go back and get it
How do we free ourselves?
Go back and find it
Go back and own it
Go back you know it
To find your way to your future
Journey to your past
Your path is in your past
And in your past, lies your present
Give your past your presence
And in the future, you shall find that present

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About “Sankofa Intro

“Sankofa Intro” by Azawi is a poetic reflection on the importance of understanding one’s history to navigate the future. Serving as the introduction to Azawi’s sophomore album “SANKOFA,” the track sets the tone for a collection predominantly filled with Afrobeat songs that celebrate African pride.

The lyrics emphasise that to move forward, one must look back and learn from the past. Invoking the concept of “Sankofa,” which means “go back and get it,” the poem encourages a return to roots and ancestral wisdom to rediscover identity and direction. This thematic introduction paves the way for the album’s exploration of African heritage, cultural richness, and the empowerment found in reconnecting with one’s origins. The entire album resonates with messages of self-discovery, unity, and pride, anchored in the powerful symbolism of Sankofa.

Release Date: October 9, 2023
Writer(s): Azawi, Emuron Alemu
Copyright @ Swangz Avenue, Distributed by Kelele Digital
Track Number: 1


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