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Pesh Melon Bio

Pesh Melon, real name Nimwesiga Patience, is a Ugandan recording artist, vocalist, and model. Her passion for music emerged at the age of six, and she showcased her talent as a leader vocalist in her school choir, contributing as both a tenor and alto. Transitioning from covers of artists like A Pass and Pallaso, Pesh Melon began recording her own songs in 2020.

In that same year, she had a significant opportunity to provide backing vocals for the well-established artist Pallaso’s hit song “Malamu,” which gained popularity in Uganda.

Within a short span in the industry, Pesh Melon has collaborated with various producers such as Ian Pro, TJ, Eddie Dee, and worked alongside artists like Grenade Official, Pallaso and Delton Yo. Notably, Delton Yo, her cousin, has played a significant role in Pesh Melon’s branding.

Pesh Melon is currently signed under Mosh Ents International.

Pesh Melon Discography

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